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  • Una penna è certamente uno strumento
    eccellente per fissare l'attenzione di un uomo e per alimentare la sua ambizione.

    (John Adams)

  • A Pen is certainly an excellent Instrument, to fix a Mans Attention and to inflame his Ambition.

    (John Adams)

A pen is certainly an excellent tool to fix the attention of a man, and to feed his ambition.

(John Adams)

A pen, a detail to make you unique, a small object precious crafts made entirely in Italy , with prestigious and exclusive materials.
Ball pens and Pens Fountain Pens created with artisan methods.
An exclusive gift perfect for any occasion, which will last over time and will help keep the memory of us in who will receive it.
A gift to do even to themselves to experience the pleasure of writing with a high quality pen, fully realized in Italy Val d'Aosta, with artisan methods.